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Networking Crowd was created to help business connect during the Coronavirus Pandemic. With many traditional networking clubs now not being able to physically meet, many businesses are now looking to online solutions. We hope Networking Crowd becomes an additional outlet for companies to engage, develop and diversify activity. At this early stage, we are simply establishing interest. Our intention will be to grow and develop multiple meeting services both locally and internationally, enabling online networking to become an efficient route to market.

International Business

We believe that during this crisis, this medium of communication is essential, and that we simply need more opportunities. We also believe that networking should not always be ‘just local’. Of course local business is essential and we believe more sectors should be developed locally. However many companies will always do business globally, import and export, services and communications, we should have the opportunity to network with many businesses in different countries. After the crisis, this will become more important as we continue to reach out to many companies worldwide.

Industry Sectors

Many industry sectors are naturally aligned and complement one another. We feel online networking opportunities could be enhanced if dedicated sector-based meetings were organised. We would like to develop the ability to bring together industry sectors that perhaps don’t normally network in traditional environments. As we gain more interest from businesses, sectors will evolve and we will create relevant online events, web meetings and presentations.


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